Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chakras In Christianity

Although some Christians feel that Chakras or even Metaphysics is not spoken about in their own religion or that Chakras are something that is "New Age" it has to be understood that Christians or in the very least early Christians understood the reality of chakras.

Examine the art which hangs in the Sistine Chapel, the center of Christianity. In this art we see that Jesus has a well developed even majestic heart center. This chakra which sits at the level of the heart, mid chest center is the fourth human chakra.

Further examination of this work of art portraying Jesus and likely Mary, is that both Jesus and Mary also have well developed seventh or crown chakras. This seventh chakra which is the storehouse of divinity (when unlocked allows self and God realization), and immortality.

Those who open this chakra witness their soul which is God and become that-Son and/or Daughter of God.

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  1. You state: "witness their soul which is God" but that is clearly false according to sound interpretation of the Bible.The bible teaches that humans are not God, on the contrary it was the very attempt to become like God that casued evil and suffering into the world. Furthermore, the statement also contradicts reason and common sense. If the soul is God, then it would mean that everything that each soul has done, God has done which is absurd. (just think about what Hitler did, is it fair to God to say that God was Hitler?)